Winter News Twenty-Nineteen

January 3, 2019

Happy New Year!¡! It's officially 2019 and the new year is bringing all kinds of new and exciting activities to the studio. Before we get in to all of the new year fun I want to thank everyone for helping make our new studio feel like home. 2018 has been a year full of new ideas and growth, things that would not be possible if it weren't for the support and creativity you and your family have contributed to. This past year we moved to a bigger studio, hosted an art gallery, crafted to our hearts content, created works of art with adults, and welcomed a new look to the Music Together we all know and love. It has for sure been a year of amazing memories and exciting adventures. 



The Drum Collection Is Open!

This upcoming session, your little ones will love jumping and hiding in “John the Rabbit” and “Sneak and Peek.” You’ll all be mesmerized by the beautiful lullaby, “Arroró, mi niño” and enjoy the catchy rhythms of “Jim Jam Drummer.” In addition to eight weekly classes (January 8th - March 13th), tuition includes audio recordings to play at home and on the go, a colorful illustrated family songbook, and resources with bonus music-making ideas to try at home.

I can't wait to make beautiful music together with your family to Drum. Save your seat and get ready for new songs, books, activities, and memories to share with the whole community! The Drum session starts Tuesday, January 8th so save your spot for a musical 2019. Click Here to be directed to our registration page and see available class times below.


Drum Collection Schedule

Tuesdays 1/8/19 - 3/5/19 10:05 am & 11:00 am

Wednesdays 1/9/19 - 3/13/19 10:00 am & 11:15 am

Saturdays 1/12/19 - 3/9/19 9:30 am & 10:30 am



STEM Classes Are Here!

I am excited to announce that the studio will be offering STEM classes brought to you by The Mind Body Lab starting this January. Find out more information below and drop by for a class to help your child discover and explore their imagination.


Please come join our STEM inspired class as we read, learn, explore, and craft with our imaginations and hands on activities. Classes are for younger children 4-7 years old, and inclusive for those with special needs. Each week is a new exciting theme where the children will be engaged in a multitude of ways. Students are expected to attend this class on their own. Check the class listing for details. 

STEM classes are back in session with new classes and exciting opportunities to learn, think, engineer, and invent! These classes are designed for students 7-11 years old, and are inclusive for those with disabilities. Each class is different, covering subjects like physics, engineering, architecture, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and much more. Students are expected to attend this class on their own. Check the class listing for details! 


Learn and explore ancient civilizations with these exciting STEM/History classes. These cross-curricular challenges are for children who want to learn about ancient civilizations and participate in various STEM related hands on activities. Explore Ancient Egypt, India, China, Rome, and Greece this semester!  These classes are designed for children 4th- 7thgrade, and children are expected to attend this class on their own. 


Visit The Mind Body Lab on Facebook to register for a class. 




 Get Your Crafting On!

This past year we offered something new and we were amazed with the results. People of all ages came through our studio doors to discover a new way to make art, a new way to make friends, a new way to get creative. We introduced to our community The Artaway a place to create, connect, and craft with friends and family. 


We're bringing it back this year with new crafting adventures. This month we begin with children's cosmic crafts as we welcome back the Kids Craftathons. Bri