Winter News 2017

November 15, 2017


Oh no, oh no, oh where did Bongos go? It's been such an amazing fall semester filled with singing, dancing, and crafting!!! This season A Minor Melody introduced new activities and they were such a hit that we're doing it again in December. We sang one last goodbye to families who have been a part of our center for many years and have sung hello to new friends who have just joined in on our musical journey. The Bongos Collection has been filled with musical memories that fill the back of our book and extend well past.



The Winter Mini Session Is Here

While the Holidays are nearing there is still so much time before we sing hello to The Bells Collection. Before we start singing and dancing to the ringing of Bells let's meet for a mini session! This year we will be singing to family favorites, dancing to holiday favorites, and moving further down our musical journey. The Winter Mini Session will be hosted from November 28th - December 16th classes are held in the mornings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Our Mini Session will include a Family Favorites CD and 45 minute Music Together classes for 3 weeks. Registration is open and your seat is ready to be saved. The semester is $65 for the first child, the second child is only $35 and your third gets in free. Family & Friends Coupons are not accepted during the 3 week mini sessions. If you are trying to make up a missed class from a previous semester and are not signing up for the entire session please fill out our demo class form. Missed class credits will be applied to your registration if you sign up for the session. We credit missed classes at $10 per class missed and no more than 3 missed classes will be credited. If you would prefer to take additional classes rather than receive a credit please reach out to your instructor. Below is a link to our Winter Mini Session as well as class dates and times. If you have any questions please email us



Winter Mini Session Class Times

Tuesdays 11/28 - 12/12 at 10:05 am

Wednesdays 11/29 - 12/13 at 10:00 am & 11:15 am

Saturdays 12/2 - 12/16 at 9:00 am & 10:10 am


Click Here To Be Redirected To Our Winter Mini Session Registration Page



Creative Days at A Minor Melody have been a blast! When A Minor Melody was first only a thought it was the beginning of a journey to help children and adults grow their imagination. A place where the community can come together to create and explore music and art. Our musical community has grow to a point where our little center feels bigger than it ever could be. Thank you for continuing to make our center a magical place. With all the fun we've been having we thought why not one last splash of color before the year comes to an end. Winter Wonder Days are nearing and you're invited to join in on the crafting! 


Stop by A Minor Melody for Winter Wonder Days. Every Wednesday at 4:00 pm during our mini semester (11/29, 12/6, & 12/13) we will be having art and craft events. Your child will be shown several activities each week to encourage exploration of the immagination. Your participation is always encouraged and may be necessary to complete the project. Classes are recommended for children ages 3-7 and can be modified for younger children but will require more assistance from their caregiver. 


Standard price for all three weeks is $50 or pick and choose your classes for $20 each. As a registered Music Together family you receive $15 off all three weeks or $5 off per class. If you would like to join in on any or all of our upcoming creative days you can do so by clicking the link below or by registering the same time you register for our Winter Mini Session.



Winter Wonder Days Event Info


11/29 - Holiday Craft Creations

Hot Chocolate To Go

Just add liquid to make this delicious hot chocolate to go that can be given as a gift or as a tasty treat for those cold winter nights. 

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Every snowflake is unique and beautiful. With a little bit of paint and glue children will get to craft their own snowflakes that will attach to their cotton ball snow clouds.

Cotton Snow Clouds

Clouds come in all shapes and sizes. This activity children will play with cotton balls by stretching squishing a pasting the to make a beautiful snow cloud to hang in their room.



12/6 - Polar Projects

Puffy Paint