January Newsletter 2017

January 4, 2017


Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone has made great Holiday memories and has enjoyed the time with family and friends. With the New Year comes a new collection and I am soooooooooooo ready to share it.



It's Time To Click Our Sticks

The Sticks Collection begins this January and I am very excited to say hello to the collection again. I love that in Music Together we have so many songs to sing but at the same time it can take a while to revisit. Seeing the Sticks Collection circle back is like saying hello to an old friend. Sticks brings us twenty-five new songs and activities that your family will enjoy in class and at home. Your children will love playing follow-the-leader during “Follow me Down to Carlow,” counting the stars while rocking in your arms during “Great Big Stars,” and thinking up favorite treats from Grandma for “Trot to Grandma's House.” In addition to imaginative and engaging weekly classes, your tuition includes materials for you to use at home, online access to the curriculum and support materials on the Family Music Zone, and a family newsletter full of resources and music-making ideas.


The Sticks Collection is open for registration and will be hosted at 

A Minor Melody from January 9th, 2017 - March 4th, 2017

See below for available class times or Click Here To Save Your Seat!



1/9/17 - 2/27/17

5:55 pm



1/10/17 - 2/28/17

10:00 am - 4:00 pm



1/11/17 - 3/1/17

10:00 am - 11:15 am - 3:30 pm



1/13/17 - 3/3/17

10:00 am - 11:00 am



1/14/17 - 3/4/17

9:00 am - 10:10 am - 11:15 am



Some of the families at A Minor Melody are welcoming back Sticks for the second time around and that may feel like a rerun. Take a minute and think about your child's musical involvement in class the last time Sticks was hosted. Now with all of the musical memories your family has been making throughout the years. Every semester has brought new developments and taught new lessons. Sticks might feel like a rerun, but for you and your child you will be experiencing it in a whole new way! You little one has grown and throughout that growth music has been there every step of the way. You may see that once you were singing Sticks to your child but now he is singing to Sticks with all of us!



Join Us At The Perfect Playdate Every Monday


A Minor Melody and The Perfect Playdate have teamed up to offer you even more musical fun opportunities. Starting January 9th come by The Perfect Playdate and join us in a Musical Playdate with Brandon but that's not all The Perfect Playdate has to offer. Enjoy delicious food while you watch your child play in their indoor playground. Grab a chair and join in on one or more of their many activities. A Minor Melody will be hosting Music Together classes at The Perfect Playdate in Spring 2017 starting with Maracas but before then we will be hosting Musical and SUPER Musical Playdates. From sing-and-play-alongs to building an instrument to take home we will do it all and we want you to be a part of the fun. Visit www.ThePerfectPlaydate.com to learn about everything they have to offer.



Keep The Music Making Going Even At Home
There are so many moments when I am in a Music Together class and I see one of the children clapping to the micro or macro beat and it brightens my day. Other times, the little ones just seem to walk about or even sit there with little involvement, but then after class, their parents tell me that at home they are making music to the collection and acting out things we have done in class. Children tend to watch and listen before they experiment. They are observers, they learn a lot about the world in their early years from what you, as their caregiver show them.

I'm sure a lot of our returning families have seen their children grow musically since their first semester at A Minor Melody. As a parent you are with your child more than anyone else, which is why making music at home is so important. Don't let the music making end in class.

We live in a world where if you want to listen to music all you have to do is press play. Just pressing play isn't enough for us to truly benefit from music. To understand music we must make it. This is easy to do, just start singing or dancing to that favorite tune of yours. Either way remember repetition is important, you didn't master reading after your first book and music is no different. Repetition is even more crucial in a new learning environment. If your little one wants to hear their favorite Music Together song again and again let it happen. Maybe even bring out the songbook and have a sing-and-read-a-long, after all music supports all learning.


These first few years with your little ones are so important for growth and development. Look back just last month at where your