August 2016 Newsletter

August has greeted us again with its warm air and sunny days. Summer songs is halfway through and the musical moments just keep coming. From trotting across the classroom to dancing with scarves, each song has brought us further on our musical journey. Summer Songs will be over soon, but before Flute begins we will be hosting a few more Summer Activities!

August Summer Fun

It's time to end the summer with some fun! A Minor Melody will be hosting a few more beat-the-heat summer activities. Come in for one or all of our fun and crafty events during August. We are going to be coloring on the walls, splashing some paint on canvas, and making paper puppets. These summer activities will be a blast, so sign up today! Click the link below and choose the activities you would like to join in on.

Click Here For Summer Fun

Root Toot Toot It's Time For Flute

The fall collection this year is the Flute and I have already begun learning the songs. I can't wait to share them with everyone1 Flute begins September 7th and ends on November 17th. Sign up today and get ready for a fall packed with new songs, silly dances, jam moments, and a lot of musical memories. A Minor Melody's Flute registration is open and your seat is waiting. Pick the perfect class time for you and your family to make Music Together this fall; see our available class times below.

Included in this 8 week semester are 2 CDs, a songbook, access to our online Family Music Zone, and hours of fun activities in class and at home. If you sign up with coupon code #leavesarefalling by August 20th you will receive $25 off the Flute Collection.

Available Class Times:

Saturday's: 8:05 am (babies only) - 9:00 am - 10:10 am - 11:15 am

Wednesday's: 9:00 am (babies only) - 10:00 am - 11:15 am

Thursday's: 5:15 pm

Click Here To Register For The Flute Collection

The Beat Is In Your Feet

Our world is full of rhythm and we can express it one step at a time. You can help model rhythm to your child even before her first steps. Children's movement starts small, so think micro. As adults we usually find comfort in the large beats, called macrobeats, when we hear music. These beats are the ones that we generally clap to or dance along with. Microbeats are how we divide the macrobeats in to smaller divisions. Like taking a large step (macro), or several smaller ones (micro) to cross the same distance. Younger children tend to start at the microbeat level but it's important to encourage both.

One way to really express those large and small beats at home is with scarves. Scarves can be used in so many creative ways with music. While sitting, you could move the scarf in a wide arc to the macrobeat and then bounce it several times along the ground to the microbeat. You can dance with scarves, pretend play, and sway them to your favorite song. Scarves are great for any age and are easily modified for most activities. As your child develops musically you may start to notice them playing with the macrobeat as well as the microbeat. Just because we have mastered something though doesn't mean we should never visit it again. Even after your child plays more and more with the macrobeat it is important to encourage the use of both the micro and macrobeat so your child can refine her new musical skills.

Do you have any fun ways to express the beat? I want to hear all about it. Some of the best ideas come from the ones you and your family create at home. Next time you're in class share one with us. Sharing with our musical community brings joy to all.

Creative Birthday Parties Start Here

Want to make a memorable party for your little one? Great idea! Our parties are fun for the whole family. We host all kinds of Birthday Parties at A Minor Melody that bring out the imagination in all of your guests.

  • Sing-and-Play Alongs

  • Cake Decorating

  • Paint Party

  • DIY Parties

  • and more!

Birthday parties are a blast and we want to help make it memorable for the whole family! Come celebrate your baby or toddler’s next birthday musically or creatively. We have everything you need to make your party a hit! Packages start at just $200. for more information on our birthday party packages, please visit us online and fill out our Party Request Form.

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