Class Expectations

Make this a happy and stress-free time for you and your child. 


No Phones! This is a place to make memories with your children. Please leave your phone in a cubby. You are welcome to snap a photo or two but every second your face is blocked by a screen is another minute you are missing out on the magic in class.


Use soft play when in class. We encourage you to help your children have fun but play within reason. 


Let your child experiment through experience. 


Loosen up! Don't be afraid to be silly. Music is meant to be enjoyed.


Participation is a must. You are your child's biggest influence. How can they enjoy themselves if they don't see you doing the same?


Our waiting area has plenty of cubbies to store all of your belongings.


Shoes are not allowed in the classroom. Please store your footwear with your other belongings in the cubbies provided.


Please enjoy all food and drinks outside the classroom.