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  • Teach basic music competence via:

    • Singing

    • Dancing

    • Playing Instruments

    • Experimenting

  • Build lasting memories

    • Quality time together

    • Being silly

    • Making new friends

  • Improve language development

    • Encourage expression

    • Tonal patterns


What we do:

What to expect in class

This is an excellent opportunity for children ages 0 to 5 years old and the people that love them to spend quality time together, learning basic music competence and building lasting memories.


This is your chance to take off your shoes, grab an instrument, and let loose!


We offer a playful, developmentally appropriate, non-performance based learning environment, meaning YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE MUSIC SKILLS TO PARTICIPATE!


Every class starts with our Hello song where we say hi to all the children and their families. We sing 12 - 14 songs from the current collection, incorporating scarves, rhythm sticks, shakers, resonator bells, and other materials. You and your child will have the opportunity to sing along, dance and play before we sing our Goodbye song.



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