Brandon Lara

Brandon Lara started learning music at age 12 in West Palm Beach, FL at a local music studio. During his time in Florida he was highly involved in music, arts, and the local community. He believes Music feeds the soul, art heals the wounds, and people build the bonds. His passion has always been to bring peace and happiness to the community, to help them be creative and to inspire the world to imagine. 


At the end of 2011 he began making music at the Montessori school where his two girls attend. His love of music and children gave him a new musical path to take and this led him to finding Music Together®. In 2014, Brandon became a Registered Music Together Teacher and the Director of A Minor Melody. He is currently teaching Music Together classes at his center in Webster, TX. He looks forward to making music and sharing creativity with the local community for years to come.


Beth Embrey

Beth Embrey is a stay-at-home mom and wife, who has had a passion for music since the very beginning. She has grown up in a musical home and it was only a matter of time before she, herself, would find her inner songbird. Growing up you would catch her singing in choir and making up songs on the family piano. She loves to play with music and enjoys making it together with the community.


In 2012 she auditioned for American idol and even made it to the 2nd round of auditions! Even after school she continued her musical journey and for two years she had a blast bringing music to children’s parties. Her passion is to make the world a more musical place so she made the decision to become a music educator. After participating in Music Together classes, she recognized immediately that this is the work she had been called to do. Beth is now a Music Together teacher at A Minor Melody and resides in Kemah, Tx with her husband Brent, her son River, and two dogs Joey and Nova.