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During the early stages of a child's life parents play the most influencial role. Therefore it is essential to participate in developmentally appropriate activities that will stimulate mind, body, and soul. A Minor Melody is just the place to show your child positive forms of expression.


Music can be a powerful tool and when used it can bring so much joy to our world. Bringing friends and families together using music has been a part of our society since the dawn of time. Come participate in a Music Together class today and experience the fun. Remeber you don't have to be a perfect singer or an amazing musician to participate. We are all muscially capable we have spent far too many years thinking that only professionals should play music. That is simply not the case! Anyone can sing, anyone can dance, and everyone should!


A Minor Melody is proud to be a part of the Music Together family and is pleased to offer classes in Clear Lake and the surrounding areas. Click Here To See Our Class Schedule.


Peace - Love - Music

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