Let's make music outside with our community. Once a season A Minor Melody gets connected with nature and invites everyone on a musical hiking experience like no other. Everyone is welcome to join in on this singing and dancing adventure! Hikes are geared towards children 0-7 but all ages are welcome. Invite your friends to join in on this musical stroll the more the merrier!



Passing Of The Staff at Challenger Park

Meet up with A Minor Melody on Saturday May 2, 2020 at Challenger Seven Memorial Park as Beth and Brandon take your family on musical hike at 9:00 am. Everyone is welcome to join in on this singing and dancing adventure! This will be a very special hike as there will be a passing of the musical staff ceremony to our new Music Together director Beth! After the hike and staff passing feel free to enjoy the rest of your morning at the playgrounds. Be sure to bring some, snacks, and your favorite stuffed animal for some singing, dancing, and crafting.


We'll meet near the peace post at 9:00 am. The musical journey will begin at 9:05 am and will be approximately 45 minutes round trip. This adventure is geared towards children 0-7 but all ages are welcome! The majority of the path we are taking is stroller friendly but keep in mind you may need to park it at certain points. We will be hiking around the beautiful trails at Challenger Park in League City and will make musical stops along the way. Enjoy a musical morning with the community and enjoy stories, crafts, and play! Don’t forget to invite your friends to join in on the musical stroll. We’ll see you soon!


Some things to bring to ensure a safe and enjoyable morning are listed below.


Back Pack (to carry it all)

Picnic Blanket

Favorite Stuffed Animal

Hiking/Picnic Snacks

Water (at least 1 liter)

Wide Brim Hat

Bug Spray


Closed Toe Shoes

Pants/Long Sleeve Clothes (if you don't want to apply bug spray or sunscreen make sure to cover up really good)