A Minor Melody was founded in 2014 in Houston, TX in an effort to bring music to families all over the Clear Lake and surrounding areas. We believe that music feeds the soul and can build a stronger bond between families and friends. Music is constantly evolving but it has always played a significant role in the building blocks of our society. Since the begining of the human race our ancestors would sing and dance around fires to help build a stalwart community. Even today, during the best of times and the worst, people have written songs using sound to help them express their feelings. 

About A Minor Melody


Children, from birth have a natural connection with music. When we sing to our children, it is very soothing and this helps build a stong emotional connection. Over time your child will respond to you using his own voice; joining in on the fun. They enjoy the calm voice of their loved ones and will soak up every bit of information you can give them.


Our world is full of song and dance! It's all around us and here at A Minor Melody we want to help you bring music to your children in a fun and memorable way. Together we can bring music home again to everyone everywhere.